Landing Page – Acer


We have coded several responsive landing pages for the international company Acer. The websites use branded fonts, matching photos and maintain the characteristic colors of the advertised products and a given brand. The created websites are designed to advertise a given product and present all its features in the most transparent way. Encrypted websites were […]

Predator Shot – Acer


For Acer, we had the pleasure of creating a website detailing the energy drink competition! The website of the PredatorShot product used a lot of solutions that brought dynamism. An additional functionality of the created Landing Page was the connection with Instagram, which allowed to automatically display photos on which the hashtag #PredatorShot was used. […]


For the Glamor Day Spa company, we had the pleasure to create a graphic design of a website and build a website on its basis. Our graphic designers made sure that the website presented the services offered in a transparent and clean manner, as well as user-friendly. RWD was used, i.e. the website was designed […]


For a company dealing in the sale of solid fuels, logistics and domestic transport, we have prepared a fully responsive online store. The colors of the website have been matched to the company’s logo. An additional module has been set up in the store that automatically calculates shipping costs based on the distance (company headquarters […]


Cooperation established with Glivi Games S.A. turned out to be very fruitful – our task was to prepare a clear and interesting website that would allow potential users to find interesting information.The designed website uses RWD technology – it allows you to conveniently browse the website on any device. It fully retains its functionality and […]

We have implemented a responsive website for the “Słoneczne Wzgórze” housing estate located in the Zbrosławice Commune at the intersection of Lawendowa and Wrzosowa Streets. The website is presented in bright, warm colors, associated with the rays of the sun. A thoughtful layout of the content allows you to easily find materials that interest us. […]

strona internetowa linked house

We had the pleasure of creating several websites for the Linked Team. The website describes one of the main profiles of the company’s activity – house building. The created website is consistent (in color) with the rest of the pages designed for our client. Navigating the extensive portal is facilitated by a well-thought-out layout […]

my-bee strona internetowa

In cooperation with Airtel Systems, we have developed a modern, responsive website for a new Mybee product. The website presents an innovative, integrated system of GSM beekeeping scales and a web application. It was created in three language versions and it has an informative function. The use of an intuitive menu helps you navigate the […]


Another website we’ve created for the Linked Team is, which describes the main services such as photovoltaics and heat pumps. The created website is consistent (arrangement of elements and colors) in relation to the rest of the pages designed for our client. Navigating the extensive portal is facilitated by a well-thought-out layout and the […]

mockup strefaglancu strona internetowa

Glancu Zone Paweł Tkocz deals with auto detailing and car cosmetics. The result of the cooperation was the creation of a responsive One-Page website. The prepared website perfectly reflects the subject of the industry and presents the content in a clear and aesthetic way. The created One-Page website has all the content on the home […]