How do we operate?

Simple and effective creation process.

The order fulfillment process we have developed allows for comprehensive and satisfactory service to our clients.
Our websites are tailor-made.

01. Idea

Together, we will work out the correct project concept.

02. Plan

We will present an action plan for the duration of the project. We will plan each step in detail.

03. Realization

We will keep you informed about the progress of your project.

04. Implementation

After completing the order, we will help in learning how to use the finished product.

Website questions and answers

Websites are priced individually, based on the requirements of our clients. The price depends, among others on the number of subpages or the complexity of the required functionalities. We offer various variants of websites – the price of a website may vary from several hundred zlotys to even several thousand zlotys. Our company makes a free valuation. We carefully select the website components depending on the contractor’s needs, so as to avoid unnecessary and additional costs, while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our website development offer is highly flexible, as it meets the expectations of not only local companies, but also international entrepreneurs and corporations.

The time it takes to create a Katowice website naturally depends on the complexity of a given project. The standard time is up to 3 weeks. It is worth noting that our interactive agency is a team of specialists working on your website. Preparing a graphic design, creating a responsive website based on it (adapted to mobile devices), consulting with the Contractor, optimization for SEO (positioning) as well as configuration and installation on the indicated server of the website is time-consuming. We approach our work reliably, which is why time is needed to create a professional website.

The cost of creating an online store depends on the customer’s requirements (number of subpages, functionality). The price may vary from a few to even several thousand zlotys. Our company makes a free valuation based on the collected information.

The cost of website positioning depends on many factors, such as: competition, industry, the current situation of your website. Our company analyzes the website and competition for free, and based on the collected information, we present a non-binding price offer for positioning with details.

We start cooperation on the day of determining all the details, customer acceptance and collecting an advance payment. Then we start working immediately. During the first working days, we prepare the graphic design of the website, remaining in constant contact with the client – our contractors have a real impact on the appearance of the website being created. In the next stage, after the project is fully accepted and any corrections are made, we proceed to launching the CMS system and creating the website so that the client can view the draft version of the website. Thanks to this, you can test and make any changes to the “living organism”. After full acceptance, we go to the last configuration and installation of the website on the indicated server. We provide free training and, if necessary, prepare a user manual (.pdf). After completing the website, you can contact us if you have any questions – we are happy to answer bothering questions regarding website support, SEO optimization or positioning.

By choosing our website development offer, you can be sure that you will be treated individually – a joint conversation will allow you to identify your needs and match the appropriate solutions. We are happy to advise and share the acquired experience, and our employees show creativity and commitment to each implemented project, regardless of its size or specification.

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