How do we operate?

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Take a step towards the light
with useWeb!

Take a step towards the light
with useWeb!

Welcome to useWeb, your trusted web agency.

With useWeb, your business emerges from the shadows – Start being visible!

useWeb is a team of specialists with a wide range of skills, combining knowledge from various fields: from website creation to e-commerce and advanced SEO solutions. Just like a firefly, we illuminate the darkness, showing a clear path to online success for our clients.

How We Work - useWeb Interactive Agency - Discover our Methodology of Operation

Let your brand shine on the web!

Let your brand shine on the web!

Our developed process allows for comprehensive and satisfying service to our clients.

Our websites are tailor-made.

01. Idea
Together, we will develop the right project concept.
02. Plan
We will present an action plan for the project's execution. We will plan each step in detail.
03. Implementation
We will keep you informed about the progress of your project.
04. Deployment
After completing the task, we will assist in learning how to operate the finished product.
useWeb Interactive Agency

They have trusted us and our process.

  1. Our creation process is simple and efficient because it focuses on a detailed analysis of the client’s needs and planning each step of the project. First, we conduct an initial conversation to understand the client’s expectations and establish a shared project concept. Then, we prepare an action plan that covers all stages of the project, from design to deployment.

During project implementation, we provide ongoing updates to the client, ensuring their full control over the project. We ensure that the project is executed according to plan and within the designated timeframe.

After completing the project, we assist our clients in learning how to operate the finished product, enabling them to use it independently. Our websites are tailor-made, and we always deliver solutions customized to individual needs.

useWeb Interactive Agency

How do we work precisely?

01. Idea

The idea is the first and very important step in the project creation process. This is the creative phase, in which the basic assumptions of the project are worked out and its goal and scope are defined. In this phase, it is important to get to know the needs and expectations of the client, as well as to take into account his requirements and limitations.

Together with the client, we analyze the market and competition to understand what solutions are already available and what the market needs are. During this process, we also carry out an analysis to get to know the target groups and better understand their needs.

Then, based on the collected information, together with the client, we construct a project concept that will meet the needs of the market and meet the requirements. In this phase, we also prepare a solution proposal, which will be presented to our client for approval.

Developing the right project concept is crucial for its success. Therefore, working with the client, we attach great importance to this phase of the creation process in order to obtain the best possible final result.

02. Plan

Planning is another important step in the project creation process. After developing the right project concept, it is necessary to meticulously plan each stage of its implementation.

For this purpose, we present the client with an action plan that includes a detailed description of each project stage and, if applicable, their schedule. This plan also contains information regarding the resources needed for its implementation, such as time, budget, etc.

Detailed planning allows for better project management and execution, which is why each step of the project is thoroughly planned. This enables us to identify potential risks and issues that may arise during the project's implementation and find appropriate solutions to avoid or resolve them.

Planning also allows for effective time and resource management, increasing the efficiency of project execution. All of this contributes to ensuring that the project is carried out according to plan, and the client receives a product that meets their expectations.

03. Implementation

The project implementation phase is where the planned actions begin to be put into action. This is a crucial stage in the creation process because it is during this phase that the final product, which will be presented to the client, is developed.

To ensure successful project implementation, it is important for the client to have continuous access to information regarding the progress of the work. Therefore, we will keep the client informed about the project's progress on an ongoing basis.

Keeping the client informed allows for quick response to any potential issues or changes that may arise during the project implementation. This enables us to react promptly and adapt to the client's needs, ensuring that the project is carried out according to plan and meets the client's expectations.

Regular updates also help in monitoring the timeline, ensuring that the project is executed according to schedule and within the budget. Regular communication with the project team allows for information exchange and resolution of any issues that may arise during the project implementation.

04. Deployment

The implementation phase is the stage where the completed product is delivered to the client and prepared for use. It is an important stage in the creation process as it ensures that the client has full functionality and the ability to utilize the product.

After completing the project, we will assist in familiarizing the client with the operation of the finished product. We can provide training for the client, where we will explain all the product's functionalities and demonstrate how to use it. Upon request, we can also prepare user manuals in PDF format.

Our training sessions are tailored to the client's needs and conducted remotely. This allows the client to comfortably use the product and make the most of its capabilities.

In addition to training, we can provide the client with technical support in case any issues arise. This assures the client that they can rely on the assistance of our specialists whenever needed.

The implementation phase also involves monitoring the performance of the product and its reception by users. We can make any necessary adjustments and improvements based on customer feedback and suggestions.

useWeb Interactive Agency

Questions and answers about websites

We approach entrusted projects comprehensively, applying proven solutions. Let’s talk over the phone, via email, or arrange a meeting!

How much does a website cost?

Website pricing is done individually based on the requirements of our clients. The price depends on factors such as the number of subpages and the complexity of the required functionalities. We offer different options for websites, and the price can range from a few hundred zlotys to several thousand zlotys. Our company provides free estimates. We carefully select website components according to the client's needs to avoid unnecessary and additional costs while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our web design offer is highly flexible and meets the expectations of not only local businesses but also international entrepreneurs and corporations.

How long does it take to create a website?

The time required to create a website naturally depends on the complexity of the project. As a standard, it usually takes up to 3 weeks. It's important to note that our interactive agency consists of a team of specialists working on your website. The process involves preparing the graphic design, creating a responsive website based on it (optimized for mobile devices), consulting with the client, optimizing it for SEO (search engine optimization), and configuring and installing the website on the designated server. All these tasks require time and attention to detail. We approach our work diligently, ensuring the completion of a professional website within the necessary timeframe.

How much does it cost to create an online store?

The cost of creating an online store depends on the client's requirements, such as the number of pages and desired functionalities. The price can range from a few thousand to several thousand złoty. Our company provides a free estimation based on the gathered information.

How much does effective website SEO cost?

The cost of website positioning is dependent on various factors, such as competition, industry, and the current situation of your website. Our company provides a free analysis of your website and competitors, based on which we present a non-binding pricing offer for positioning services, along with detailed information.

Websites - What does the creation process look like?

We commence our collaboration on the day when all the details have been agreed upon, the client's acceptance has been obtained, and the down payment has been made. Immediately after, we begin our work. During the first few working days, we prepare the graphic design of the website while maintaining constant communication with the client. Our clients have a real influence on the appearance of the created website. In the next stage, after the project has been fully approved and any necessary revisions have been made, we proceed to launch the CMS system and create the website so that the client can have access to the working version of the site. This allows for testing and implementing any changes on the live site. After full approval, we proceed with the final configurations and the installation of the website on the designated server. We provide free training and, if necessary, prepare an instruction manual (.pdf). Once the website development is completed, clients can contact us with any questions. We are happy to provide answers to inquiries regarding website management, SEO optimization, or positioning.

Why is it worth choosing our offer?

By choosing our offer of website creation, you can be sure that you will be treated individually. Through a collaborative conversation, we will determine your needs and tailor appropriate solutions. We are happy to provide advice and share our acquired experience, and our team members demonstrate creativity and dedication to every project, regardless of its size or specifications.

Creating websites is our passion! Positive Google reviews attest to our reliable and professional approach, with a strong emphasis on maintaining continuous communication with our clients. Our scope of operations is not limited to Rudy Śląskiej alone; we operate throughout the Silesian Voivodeship, across Poland, and beyond its borders.

The satisfaction of our clients brings us great joy and positively impacts our motivation and eagerness to develop our company.

useWeb Interactive Agency

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