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For the company Orange, we had the honor of developing a comprehensive project, which included a website and a voting module. Our goal was to enable residents to cast their vote for the smart pedestrian crossing project in their city. To ensure the safety and credibility of the voting process, we used the Orange SMS gateway and implemented additional security measures.

During the project implementation, the priority was to meet the highest quality standards and comply with the client’s expectations. We created a responsive website that adapts to different device resolutions, which ensures positive interaction for users and positively affects the positioning of the website.

Our actions were aimed at providing residents with an easy and secure voting process. Thanks to our solutions, everyone could freely express their preferences. The design of the website and voting functionality took into account reliability and security to ensure a transparent and credible process.

We are proud of the results of our work and the satisfaction it has brought to the city’s residents. Our project enabled convenient voting and contributed to the increase in social engagement in decisions concerning the development of the city.


For the company Orange, we developed a website and a voting module, enabling residents to vote for the smart pedestrian crossing project. Our solutions ensured security, ease of use, and website responsiveness. This project increased social engagement and enabled a transparent voting process.

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