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For the Holter Assistance brand, whose main goal is to deliver modern diagnostic solutions to patients with heart rhythm disorders, we have prepared comprehensive actions, as part of which we have created a responsive one-page website and a minimalist logo. Our website has been designed with easy and intuitive access to information for patients awaiting cardiac diagnostics in mind.

The visual aspect of the site has been carefully developed to focus on simplicity and clarity. The minimalist design combined with medical aesthetics creates a consistent atmosphere that conveys professionalism and trust. The Holter Assistance logo, maintained in a minimalist style, perfectly harmonizes with the entirety of the site, creating a uniform image of the brand.

An important element of the site is the intuitive header, which moves along with the scrolling of the site. This makes navigation through different sections convenient and intuitive. Users can smoothly move between information about services, technology, benefits, and contact the Holter Assistance team to avail of their specialist cardiac diagnostics.

Our responsive website provides an optimal user experience regardless of the device they use. This allows patients to easily get the information they need and contact Holter Assistance, whether they are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

While working on the project, we also paid attention to the website’s compliance with the latest accessibility standards. As a result, we have introduced facilities for people with disabilities, in accordance with WCAG 2.0 recommendations. Our site is accessible to all users, ensuring easy access to information and functionality regardless of any potential limitations.

As a result of our collaboration with the Holter Assistance brand, a responsive website was created that not only represents professionalism and trust, but also facilitates patients’ access to vital information regarding cardiac diagnostics.


We have prepared a responsive one-page website and a minimalist logo for the Holter Assistance brand, specializing in the diagnostics of heart rhythm disorders. Our site provides easy navigation, clear content, and aesthetic design, creating a consistent image of the brand. Thanks to the intuitive header and compliance with the latest accessibility standards, the site is easily accessible to all users. Our actions contribute to the effective communication of the Holter Assistance brand with patients.

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