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Take a step into the light with useWeb!

Take a step into the light with useWeb!

Our agency, useWeb, offers comprehensive services for positioning online stores. We place great emphasis on organic traffic, because we know how important it is for online stores. We know that a well-thought-out and consistently implemented SEO strategy can significantly increase the visibility of your store in Google search results, thus attracting more potential customers and improving sales results.

Website Positioning

To reach a wide audience, we must be visible. Also on the Internet. Currently, users search for content and pages they are interested in through Google and other search engines. The constant rush means they don't have time to check individually which sites have the most valuable content. The rule is simple. Internet users choose sites that are at the top of the search results. That's why running your site you must take care of getting there. A series of actions carried out by our company is precisely website positioning in the Google search engine. These include, among others, caring for the content on the site, saturating it with the right keywords, linking to the site from other addresses, or taking care of its responsiveness and smooth operation. All of this ensures that our clients' websites are high in the search results.

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Online Store Positioning

Nowadays, many people decide to start an online business and sell their products online. In conducting this type of business, positioning in the Google search engine is especially important, as organic traffic is of great importance in the case of online stores - it significantly improves sales results. Therefore, our company offers comprehensive actions that include, among others:

• choosing the right platform;

• implementation of an SSL certificate;

• implementation of correct categories and subcategories;

• preparation of content taking into account keywords;

• resolving the canonical problem;

• internal and external linking.

And a number of other actions that allow the Customer to achieve a satisfying position in Google search results.

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Why is it worth using our services?

We are an experienced team dealing with the positioning of stores and websites. We have specialist knowledge, we use the latest tools facilitating content creation for SEO and website positioning. We consult our actions with the client on an ongoing basis, so you are sure that you have control over what is happening with your store or website. However, this is not all. We guarantee a very attractive price for positioning services, thanks to which you can save a lot without giving up the quality of services and effective positioning of your website or online store. The commissioned actions are carried out quickly and efficiently and although effective website positioning is a complex and long process, you can be sure that you will quickly notice the first effects of our actions.

Interactive agency useWeb

Co oferujemy?

Nasze działania obejmują szerokie spektrum strategii SEO, które są dostosowane do indywidualnych potrzeb każdego klienta. Analizujemy Twoją stronę pod kątem technicznym i treściowym, badamy konkurencję, dobieramy odpowiednie słowa kluczowe, optymalizujemy treści i strukturę strony, tworzymy wartościowe linki zwrotne, monitorujemy efekty i dostosowujemy strategię do zmieniających się warunków.
ewentualnie to Dzięki temu jesteśmy w stanie pomóc Ci osiągnąć satysfakcjonującą pozycję w wynikach wyszukiwania Google i zwiększyć zasięg Twojego sklepu internetowego. Skontaktuj się z nami i dowiedz się, jak możemy wspólnie poprawić widoczność Twojego biznesu w sieci!

Optymalizacje techniczne:

• Optymalizacja kodu strony
• Wprowadzenie odpowiednich znaczników meta
• Optymalizacja tytułów, opisów alternatwnych zdjęć itp.
• Eliminacja ewentualnych błędów serwera
• Poprawa indeksowalności
• Optymalizacja linkowania wewnętrznego
• Rozwiązanie problemu kanonicznego
• Implementacja znaczników schema

Łatwa edycja treści - System CMS

• Szczegółowa analiza treści
• Tworzenie nowych treści wraz z odpowiednio
 &nbsp dobranymi słowami kluczowymi
• Dobór tematycznych słów kluczowych
• Optymalizacja treści
• Optymalizacja słów kluczowych
• Optymalizacja nagłówków html
• Eliminacja duplikacji treści


• Analiza ruchu w narzędziach:
 &nbsp • Google Analytics
 &nbsp • Google Search Console.
• Kontrolora i analiza fraz kluczowych
• Konsultacje i doradztwo
• Korzystanie ze specjalistycznych narzędzi do SEO
• Szczegółowy raport co miesiąc


• Dodawanie unikalnych i tematycznych linków w różnych  &nbsp źródłach
• Tworzenie i publikacja artykułów sponsorowanych
• Własne strony zapleczowe
• Ręczne wpisy do katalogów

Interactive agency useWeb

How much does website and store positioning cost?

The price of website and online store positioning services varies and depends on many factors. Among them, the specifics of the industry, the degree of competition, the technical and content condition of the site, and the scope and purpose of SEO activities play a key role.

The price can therefore range from several hundred to several thousand zlotys per month. Always remember, however, that positioning is an investment that brings tangible benefits in the form of greater visibility on the web, more traffic on the site and, consequently, increased sales.

We provide a free valuation based on the information gathered and the competition analysis performed by us. This process allows us to prepare an offer that is tailored to your needs and possibilities. Our valuation is always transparent and reliable – there is no room for hidden costs with us.

Contact us using the contact form below, and our specialists will prepare an individual offer for you. With us, your site will gain visibility, and you will gain more customers!

Our Activity Area

We offer specialist services for positioning websites and online stores for clients from all over Poland, abroad, and in our home region – the Silesian voivodship. We have already worked with companies from Bytom, Chorzów, Czeladź, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Gliwice, Katowice, Mysłowice, Ruda Śląska, Siemianowice Śląskie, Sosnowiec, Świętochłowice, Tychy, Zabrze, and many other places.

Our Office

We are available for you in our office at Czarnoleśna Street 18, 41-709 Ruda Śląska. If you have questions about the process of positioning websites and online stores, we invite you to contact us by phone, email, or arrange a personal meeting. Our team of experts will gladly answer all your questions and help you understand how effective positioning can help your business thrive on the Internet. We are waiting for you!”

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