Dedicated applications

Dedicated web applications

We create dedicated web applications tailored to the needs of our clients


Our team, based on extensive experience, will help you create the perfect plan tailored to your needs. A good plan, selection of appropriate tools and a head full of ideas will create a solid foundation for the development of further cooperation. We have experienced graphic designers, programmers, SEO specialists and a UX specialist on board (all the impressions experienced by the user while using the product). We will make the website work for your success in business and the Internet.

Analysis and design

After the stage of developing the action plan, you will receive a task for the implementation of the order. During the creation of the website, we will keep you informed about the progress, thanks to which the client has a real influence on the appearance of his new website. We will start the whole process with creating a website design (mock-up). We react quickly to suggestions and changes in the project. We will seal the entire implementation by programming a ready website.

Realization and implementation

Our company will prepare the environment for the new website. We will adjust your server and domain to the fast operation of the website. Site installation is included in the price. Thanks to the CMS system tailored to your needs, you can easily make changes. Replacing photos or text will not be a problem. At the client’s request, we provide the user manual (page editing). We provide free telephone or e-mail support and guarantees of the correct operation of the new website.

What is a web application?

It guarantees the unique appearance of the website, which creates the appropriate image of the company on the Internet. We deal with design, advising you what will be best for you, and you view the proposals, accept or add your comments. Together, we will develop the right vision of the website.

The created websites have an intuitive and easy-to-use administration panel that allows you to edit the content yourself without programming knowledge

We adjust the appearance and layout of the website to the resolution of each device, e.g. phones and tablets. We take care of adjusting the website to be properly displayed on all the latest web browsers.

When designing websites, we use good SEO practices and keep the code clean. Stay Visible on the Internet. The planned activities of the useWeb team allow you to achieve higher results in the Google search ranking.

It is worth appearing on the web! We will integrate your website with popular social networking sites, allowing you to expand the group of your audience!

We provide full substantive assistance during the website creation process and after completing the order. We organize trainings on the use of the administration panel, which allows you to make changes to the website. If necessary, we prepare a file with “user manual – step by step”.

How much does a dedicated application cost?

The cost of a website depends on the requirements that are placed on it. The price of a website may vary from several hundred zlotys to even several thousand zlotys. Our company makes a free valuation based on the collected information. We carefully select website components depending on the client’s needs. Please contact us using the contact form below.

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