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The Abimed medical and care team, specializing in providing specialized medical and care services, availed our services to create a responsive website. The site design was conducted in accordance with the requirements of the European Fund – Regional Program, which allowed meeting certain standards and guidelines.

Our team ensured the introduction of amenities for people with disabilities, in accordance with the WCAG 2.0 recommendations. As a result, the website is accessible and easy to use for people with various limitations. The technical and interface solutions used enable people with various types of disabilities to use the site, providing them with equal access to information and medical services.

Additionally, the appearance of the site has been designed in a clear and aesthetic manner so that users can easily find the information they need. Readability of content was taken into account, providing readers with easy text reading regardless of age or preferences.

The final result is a responsive website for the Abimed medical team, meeting high-quality standards and accessibility. The site not only presents the medical and care services of the Abimed team, but also provides users with easy access to the necessary information, improving their online experience related to medical care.


We have created a responsive website for the Abimed medical team, adapted to the requirements of the European Fund – Regional Program. The site offers amenities for people with disabilities and is transparent, allowing easy reading of content for people of all ages.

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