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For the international company Acer, we had the pleasure to design a unique Landing Page website dedicated to one of their most exciting projects – the “Trip to Jan Błachowicz’s fight” contest. Our team fully committed to creating a responsive page that adjusts to different devices, providing an optimal experience for users on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

To capture the essence of the Acer brand and introduce the appropriate emotional tension associated with Jan Błachowicz’s fight, we used branded fonts that subtly refer to dynamism and strength. Additionally, the chosen photos perfectly convey the atmosphere of sports struggles, simultaneously creating strong associations with Jan Błachowicz’s fight, which reinforced the advertising message.

The color scheme of the page has been purposefully adjusted to the style of Acer and the energy associated with the event. We used the characteristic color palette of the Acer brand, whose dynamism and power translate into the vividness and intensity of the contest website. As a result, those visiting the site will instantly identify it as associated with the Acer brand and Jan Błachowicz’s fight.

The main goal of the created website is to present all the important information related to the “Trip to Jan Błachowicz’s fight” contest in the most clear and understandable way for potential participants. We made sure to clearly arrange the content, using attractive headers, graphics, and bullet points that highlight the most important information elements. This way, users can easily familiarize themselves with the contest rules, event schedule, and details of the prize – the trip to Jan Błachowicz’s fight.

Upon completion of the project, we coded the website and added it to online stores to effectively encourage users to participate in the contest. Utilizing the potential of online stores, the page is accessible to a wide audience who can quickly familiarize themselves with the contest content and participate in it, thereby increasing chances of achieving success.


We created a responsive Landing Page website for the international company Acer, advertising the “Trip to Jan Błachowicz’s fight” contest. We used branded fonts, matched photos, and characteristic color scheme to attract user attention and present information about the contest in a clear way.

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