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For the international company Acer, we created a responsive Landing Page website design, which was designed to advertise a specific product and present its features in a clear and transparent way. The site uses branded fonts, customized photos, and characteristic colors related to the products and brand.

Our team coded this site with attention to detail to ensure a consistent experience for users on different devices. The site is fully responsive, which means it automatically adapts to different screen sizes, enabling users to comfortably browse and interact.

Our goal was to create an impression that would prompt users to make a purchase by presenting them with all the most important information about the product in an accessible and visually appealing way.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with an example of our work, which you can see online by clicking on the button: See Online.


For Acer, we designed a responsive Landing Page that focuses on advertising a specific product. We used branded fonts and customized photos that fit into the brand’s characteristic color scheme. Our goal was to present all the features of the product in the most readable way

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