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For the company Acer, we had the pleasure of creating a dynamic website that promoted a contest related to their energy drink, PredatorShot. Our team ensured the use of innovative solutions to attract users’ attention. On the product’s website, we implemented many interactive elements that gave it dynamism and attractiveness. One of the standout features was the integration with Instagram, which automatically displayed photos with the hashtag #PredatorShot, enabling contest participants to actively participate.

The website we created was fully responsive, which means it adapted to different screen resolutions, providing users with an optimal browsing experience regardless of the device they used. The contest, of which the site was a part, ended successfully, and the version of the site we created was made available on the working domain for interested parties to view the result of our work.

Throughout the entire process of designing the website for Acer, we strived to create an attractive, interactive, and responsive user experience, consistent with the PredatorShot brand vision.


We created a dynamic website for Acer, promoting a contest related to the energizing drink, PredatorShot. We used innovative solutions and interactive elements such as Instagram integration to attract users’ attention. The site was fully responsive and adapted to different devices. Our goal was to provide an attractive and interactive experience consistent with the Acer brand vision.

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