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As part of our actions for a Polish company with over thirty years of experience in the automotive and roadside assistance industry, we carried out a comprehensive modernization of their website. Our main goal was to adapt the website to today’s responsiveness standards, ensuring optimal use on various mobile devices.

We prepared a responsive version of the existing website, which automatically adjusts to different screen resolutions, regardless of whether the user is using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. As a result, the website is convenient and easy to navigate for all visitors.

During the website modernization, we used the latest technologies and best practices in the field of responsive website design. By optimizing the code, the website has a short loading time, which translates into a fast and smooth user experience.

Our priority was to provide a user-friendly online environment that meets their expectations regardless of the target group. Thanks to the modern look, intuitive navigation, and adaptation to different devices, the company can effectively reach its clientele and provide them with convenient and satisfying interactions on the site.

The total modernization of the website has allowed our client to meet the expectations of today’s mobile users, increase the attractiveness of their brand, and improve the overall experience of users using their website.


We carried out a comprehensive modernization of the website for a Polish company in the automotive and roadside assistance industry. Thanks to the responsive version of the website, users can comfortably use it on various mobile devices. Optimized code ensures fast page loading, and modern design and intuitive navigation create a friendly experience for users.

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