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For the company Butrago sp.z o.o., we prepared a responsive website that comprehensively presents the physiotherapy studio located in Ruda Śląska. The RWD technology used ensures optimal display of the site on various devices, regardless of their resolution.

The graphic design of the website focuses on simplicity, clarity of message, and modern style. Through appropriate content placement on subpages and the main page, users can quickly find the information they are interested in. The site’s color scheme complements the logo perfectly, creating a consistent image. In addition, the site has been optimized for the Google search engine (SEO) to increase its online visibility.

We used the CMS WordPress system to create the website, which allows for easy content editing without the need for programming skills. This way, Butrago can independently update information on the site, keeping it always up-to-date.

The entire project focused on providing users with a friendly and professional experience while browsing the site, while promoting the services and values of Butrago sp.z o.o.


We created a responsive website for Butrago sp.z o.o., presenting a physiotherapy studio in Ruda Śląska. The site was designed in a modern style, using RWD technology to ensure optimal display on various devices. The color scheme and content layout were carefully adjusted, creating a positive image of the company. Additionally, the site has been optimized for SEO, and the use of the CMS WordPress system allows for easy content editing. As a result, the company can independently manage the site, always keeping it current. The project focused on providing users with a friendly experience and promoting the services offered by Butrago sp.z o.o.

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