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For the company Babiš, Wozniak A Partneři, we had the pleasure of carrying out the graphic design of the website, which we also implemented. Our team of graphic designers focused on ensuring that the website would present the services offered in a transparent, clean, and user-friendly manner. We applied RWD technology, which means that the site has been designed responsively, adapting to the resolution of each device and meeting today’s standards. This approach contributes to the positive reception of the site by users, and is also an important factor affecting its positioning in search engines. In the project, we used many CTA (Call to Action) elements, which encourage users to book services or contact customer service. An example of such an element can be a contact form, which facilitates direct contact with the company.


For Babiš, Wozniak A Partneři, we created a responsive website using CTAs to attract customers and facilitate their contact with the company. The graphic design was designed in a clear and user-friendly manner, and RWD ensures compatibility with various devices. The site presents the services offered in an aesthetically pleasing way, contributing to a positive reception by customers and improving search engine positioning.

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