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“Our task for CLP was to create a comprehensive graphic design for a website, which was then implemented and executed. The priority was to create an aesthetic, clear, and user-friendly website. Our team of graphic designers ensured that the services offered by the company were presented in a clear and attractive way. We used RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology, which automatically adjusts the page to the resolution of different devices on which it is displayed. This is particularly important as more and more users are using various mobile devices to browse websites, and RWD provides them with an optimal experience.

Additionally, the use of RWD positively affects the positioning of the website in search engines, which increases the visibility of the website and the chances of reaching a larger number of potential customers. In the project, we also used numerous CTA (Call to Action) elements, such as buttons and forms, which encourage visitors to contact the company. The aim was to increase the chances of attracting new customers and developing the business.

As a result, a professional website was created that not only meets the needs and expectations of the customer, but also stands out with its attractive design, easy navigation, and excellent functionality.”


We created an aesthetic and responsive website for the CLP company, presenting their services in a clear and attractive way. The application of RWD technology allowed for optimal display of the site on various devices, and CTA elements encourage visitors to contact the company. The result is a professional website, attracting new customers and supporting business development.

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