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As part of a fruitful cooperation with Glivi Games S.A., we had the pleasure of creating a clear and fascinating website that allows potential users to find interesting information. Our team designed the site using RWD technology, which allows for comfortable browsing of the site on different devices. The site retains full functionality and adapts its appearance to each resolution, providing an optimal experience for users.

The website was created in two languages, which allows for easy switching between them and reading content in the preferred language. Additionally, we introduced a “blog” module, which enables easy and quick posting of new updates on the site. Thanks to it, Glivi Games can regularly inform about new games, events, and achievements.

While designing the website, we paid particular attention to the specifics of the industry to present the games created by Glivi Games in an attractive and suitable way. The color scheme, content layout, and graphics have been carefully matched to reflect the atmosphere and character of the games created by the company.

The result of our work is a professional website that stands out from the competition, attracts the attention of potential users, and efficiently informs about the offer and the latest events in the world of games.


We have created a clear and fascinating website for Glivi Games S.A., using RWD technology and offering easy browsing on different devices. The website, adapted to the specifics of the industry, includes a blog module and is available in two languages, which allows for easy information transmission. The designed site stands out with a professional appearance and attractive presentation of Glivi’s games.

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