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For Linked Team, we had the pleasure of creating several dynamic websites, one of which is linkedhouse.pl, dedicated to house construction. Our team of designers focused on creating a consistent design that aligns with other sites we’ve created for this client. We ensured an intuitive layout and proper placement of navigation buttons to provide users with ease of navigation across the entire site. Our site is fully responsive, automatically adapting to different device resolutions, allowing for comfortable browsing on computers, tablets, and smartphones alike.

The presentation of house projects has been designed in a user-friendly and accessible way. Important information is available in tab form, enabling quick familiarization with the key details. The entire process of creating the site was based on using the CMS system (WordPress), which allows for easy content editing by the client, even without specialized programming knowledge. As a result, Linked Team has full control over their site and can continuously update the presented content.

Creating a website for Linked Team was not only about meeting their requirements but also creating a space that effectively presents and promotes their services. Our site combines functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use, creating a positive impression on visitors and contributing to the success of Linked Team.


We created a dynamic website for Linked Team, focusing on house building. The site is consistent with the rest of the client’s projects and has an intuitive layout and proper navigation buttons. It is fully responsive, adapting to various devices, and the presentation of house projects is user-friendly. We used a CMS system, which allows easy content editing by the client. Our site effectively presents Linked Team’s services, combining functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use.

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