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It was a pleasure to work with Linked Team in creating several websites. One of them is linkedteam.pl, which perfectly reflects the nature of their activities and presents the main pillars of their operations. We decided to create a One-Page format site, which means that it does not contain traditional subpages, but is divided into different sections. This layout allows users to easily find the information they are interested in and quickly navigate the site.

In addition, the linkedteam.pl site has been designed in an intuitive way, enabling easy discovery of needed content and quick transitions to other related websites focused on specific topics. An important aspect was also ensuring the site’s responsiveness, i.e., its adaptation to the resolution of different devices. Thus, whether the user uses a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the site displays correctly and ensures convenient use of its resources.

Our work also focused on ensuring compatibility with the latest web browsers, so that users can enjoy the full functionality of the site without any problems. The result is a website that not only meets the requirements of Linked Team but also delivers an attractive and consistent experience for visitors. We are proud of the result of our work and believe that the linkedteam.pl site perfectly represents their professionalism and values.


We created a responsive website for Linked Team that presents their operations and pillars. The One-Page type website provides easy navigation through sections, and its responsiveness guarantees optimal display on different devices. The designed site is intuitive, compatible with the latest browsers, and represents Linked Team’s professionalism.

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