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It was a pleasure to collaborate with Magma Doors, a company specializing in passive fire protection systems, to design and create their website. Our primary focus was on ensuring full responsiveness of the website, meaning that it adjusts to various device resolutions such as monitors, tablets, and smartphones. This allows users to browse and interact with the site seamlessly, regardless of the device they have.

Magma Doors offers fire protection products tailored to individual customer requirements. Therefore, we implemented a product module that enables quick adding, editing, and removal of products on the website, as well as organizing them into different categories. The product page layout was designed to encourage users to submit inquiries through an intuitive Call to Action (CTA) button, facilitating easy inquiry submission via a contact form.

Additionally, on the “Advice” page, we enabled quick addition of valuable tips that contribute to increasing the website’s visibility on Google search engine and help potential users find answers to their questions.

Our created websites are always fully optimized for Google search engine (SEO), resulting in higher rankings in search results. Moreover, the website’s appearance is clear, user-friendly, and modern, perfectly reflecting the character and professionalism of Magma Doors.

We proudly present magmadoors.pl as the outcome of our collaboration, which meets the highest quality standards and attracts customers interested in Magma Doors’ offerings.


We have created a responsive website for Magma Doors, specializing in passive fire protection systems. The website has been designed in a way that ensures full functionality and ease of use on various devices. We implemented a product module for convenient addition and editing of products, and added a section with tips for users. The website is optimized for search engines, and its design is modern and user-friendly. The magmadoors.pl website effectively showcases the offerings of Magma Doors and attracts customers interested in fire protection products.

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