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Eko Nowex

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“For a company specializing in the sale of solid fuels, logistics, and domestic transport, we created a fully responsive online store. Our team ensured the site’s color scheme matched the company’s logo, creating a consistent image. The store was equipped with an additional module that automatically calculates shipping costs based on the distance between the company’s headquarters and the destination. This innovative solution is based on Google Maps, which allows for precise and accurate calculation of delivery costs for customers. As a result, the online store offers convenient and transparent shopping, and potential customers can be fully confident about the shipping costs before placing an order. Our solution enables the company to optimize the sales process and streamline logistics, contributing to the efficient operation of its business.


We created a responsive online store for a company dealing with solid fuel sales, logistics, and domestic transport. The store is adapted to various devices and has a consistent color scheme with the company logo. Additionally, we configured a module calculating shipping costs based on distance using Google Maps. Our solution allows customers to conveniently shop and precisely calculate delivery costs, contributing to the efficiency and streamlining of the sales process.

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