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The website we created for P.H.U. Panel is a modern and functional solution that combines the company’s two main areas of operation: custom-made furniture and real estate. The website’s design was crafted with user usability in mind. It’s responsive, ensuring proper display on various devices, from desktop computers to smartphones. Intuitive navigation and a clear graphical layout make using the service a pleasure.

For those interested in custom-made furniture, the website offers a rich gallery of completed projects and detailed information about the products on offer. A particularly valuable addition is the real estate listings module. The administrator has the capability not only to add listings but also to edit and manage them with ease. Customers, in turn, have access to current, carefully selected real estate offers, presented in an attractive and readable manner. Thanks to the built-in blog module, users can follow the latest news and trends in the furniture industry and the real estate market.

A key element of the website is the contact form, allowing for quick and direct contact with representatives of P.H.U. Panel. All these functionalities were designed and implemented by us, with attention to every detail and high-quality execution. We are proud to have contributed to the creation of this professional tool for P.H.U. Panel.


The website of P.H.U. Panel, focusing on custom-made furniture and real estate, combines modernity with functionality. The design is responsive and intuitive, ensuring user comfort on various devices. Users can browse furniture offers, current housing listings, and follow industry news thanks to the blog module. The site also features a practical contact form. The whole was professionally designed and implemented by the useWeb company.

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