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We had the pleasure of preparing a complete graphic design project for the PVTEC company’s website, which was then executed by our team. Our goal was to create a website that effectively showcases PVTEC’s services while providing users with clarity, readability, and a friendly experience.

As part of the project, we implemented a responsive design approach (RWD), which means that the website was designed to automatically adapt to different screen resolutions, whether the user is on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This ensures that the PVTEC website looks professional and functions optimally on all devices, resulting in a positive user experience.

During the website design process, we also focused on providing multiple elements that encourage user engagement (CTA – Call to Action). We strategically placed buttons and links that direct users to contact the company’s support. Our goal was to facilitate the process of contacting PVTEC, thereby increasing potential conversion opportunities.

Additionally, we implemented several interesting features on the website. The solar panel profitability calculator is a tool that allows users to estimate potential savings and benefits from installing solar panels. The news module provides up-to-date information related to the photovoltaic industry, allowing customers to stay informed about the latest trends and developments. The installation map showcases PVTEC’s localized projects and achievements, further building trust in the company by documenting their past successes.

As a result, PVTEC received a professionally designed and executed website that effectively represents their business and stands out in the market. With the implemented features and responsive design, the PVTEC website captures attention, encourages interaction, and enables easy contact with the company.


We have created a responsive website for PVTEC that presents their services in a clear and user-friendly manner. Through modern design, responsiveness, and attractive features such as the solar panel profitability calculator, news module, and installation map, the website stands out in the market and effectively attracts potential customers. Our project provides PVTEC with a professional tool to showcase their business online.

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