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We are proud to have had the opportunity to design and build an online store for Sekur, a company specializing in supplementation. Our team of graphic designers made sure that the store presents the offered products in a clear, clean, and attractive manner for users. We used the modern approach of Responsive Web Design (RWD), which means that the store automatically adjusts to different device resolutions, providing an optimal shopping experience regardless of the device used.

Thanks to the application of responsive design, the Sekur store meets the latest standards and provides users with positive experiences when browsing offered products. Additionally, appropriate adaptation of the site to different devices also has a positive impact on the store’s positioning in search engine results.

In the store’s project, we used many Call-to-Action (CTA) elements, which effectively encourage users to take actions, such as purchasing a product or initiating cooperation. By skillful use of these elements, the Sekur store becomes not only a place to showcase products but also an effective sales tool.

An additional element that enhances the shopping experience is the floating shopping cart. Thanks to it, customers have quick access to their cart, which makes order management easier and makes the purchasing process more intuitive and efficient.



We created a responsive online store for Sekur, specializing in supplementation. Our graphic design ensures clear and attractive presentation of the offered products, with the use of CTA elements and a floating shopping cart for user convenience. Thanks to responsive design, the Sekur store adapts to different devices and meets the latest standards, which affects positive customer reception and better positioning.

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