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We had the pleasure of creating a graphic design and building an online store for the Smart Place company. Our team of graphic designers made sure that the store presents the offered products in a clear, clean, and user-friendly manner. We utilized a modern responsive design (RWD) approach, meaning the store automatically adjusts to the resolution of each device, ensuring an excellent experience regardless of the device used.

As a result, the Smart Place store aligns with today’s web design standards, contributing to a positive user reception and additionally improving the site’s positioning in search engine results. To encourage purchases and collaboration, we used many CTA (Call-to-Action) elements, effectively mobilizing users to take actions, such as buying a product or contacting the company.

One of the distinguishing elements of the store is a floating shopping cart that provides quick access to the cart’s content while browsing products. This makes it easier for customers to manage purchases and makes the ordering process more intuitive and convenient.

The design of the online store for Smart Place was created to provide users with easy access to offered products and a comfortable and efficient shopping experience.

One of the key elements of the project was integrating the store with ING’s quick payments (iMoje). This allows customers to make payments in a secure and convenient way, using their preferred payment method. Additionally, the store was also integrated with the postal services broker apaczka.pl, enabling smooth delivery handling and parcel tracking.


We created a responsive online store for Smart Place, presenting offered products in a clear and user-friendly way. We utilized a modern responsive design approach, applied CTA elements, and added a floating shopping cart to ensure a convenient and efficient shopping experience. Our collaboration with Smart Place resulted in a store that meets the highest design standards and attracts customers.

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