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Collaborating with Solantis Preschool Ltd., which is an exceptional preschool in Silesia, located in the SKAŁKA City Park, was incredibly satisfying for us. The task we had the pleasure to accomplish was to develop a graphic design and create a website for the preschool. Our team of designers and programmers undertook this task with full commitment and a strive to create a website that would be not only aesthetic, but also functional and user-friendly.

From the very beginning of designing the website, our goal was to provide a clear and readable way of presenting the preschool’s offered services. Our team made sure that each section of the site was logically arranged and the content was easily accessible to visitors. We also used RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology, which means that the website automatically adapts to different screen resolutions, ensuring an optimal experience for users on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

The aesthetics of the site was extremely important to our team. We used bright, warm colors that evoke a positive mood and are associated with childhood and joy. We also used appropriately selected photos, graphics and subtle animations to enrich the visual aspect of the site. Our goal was to create a site that is not only informative, but also inspiring and encourages a closer acquaintance with Solantis Preschool.

An important element of the website is also the “blog” module, which allows for easy addition of new news and posts on the site. Thanks to this, the preschool can regularly inform parents and visitors about the latest events, children’s successes, and other interesting information.

Additionally, the site is based on a CMS (WordPress) system, which allows preschool employees to independently edit content without the need to involve programmers. This gives the preschool full control over the content, enabling continuous updating of information on the site.

The entire process of designing and creating a website for Solantis Preschool was an inspiring experience for us. We are proud of the result of our work and confident that our website will help the preschool in promotion, reaching out to new families, and building a strong brand.


We created an aesthetic, functional, and responsive website for Solantis Preschool. Thanks to the use of RWD technology, the site looks great on different devices. By taking care of clear content and attractive appearance, the website attracts users’ attention. The blog module and the ease of editing content on the CMS (WordPress) platform allow for regular updates. Our website supports the promotion of the preschool and building a strong brand.

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