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As part of our cooperation with the company Strefa Glancu Paweł Tkocz, which specializes in auto detailing and car cosmetics, we had the pleasure of implementing a responsive One-Page website project. Our goal was to create a website that perfectly reflects the nature of the client’s business and presents its services in a clear, aesthetic, and eye-catching way.

While creating the website, we focused on modern design, elegance, and aesthetics, which perfectly fit into the auto detailing industry. We made sure that the website’s look was consistent with the company’s visual identity, creating a harmonious combination of bright colors and vivid photos presenting the effects of detailing works and car cosmetics.

The website was designed in a responsive way, which means it adapts to the resolution and size of the screens of all devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and monitors. This allows users to conveniently browse and use the website regardless of the device used, which significantly improves their user experience.

The One-Page website, a site built on one long page, allows you to quickly find the necessary information without having to switch between different subpages. All essential content has been placed on the main page, allowing visitors to easily familiarize themselves with the Strefa Glancu offer, see examples of work, learn about the benefits of services, and contact the company.

As part of the project, we also developed an extensive contact form, which allows potential customers to quickly and efficiently define their needs, ask questions, or book auto detailing services. We made sure that the form was intuitive, easy to fill out, and encouraged interaction with the company.

We are pleased that we could bring our experience and creativity to the creation of the Strefa Glancu Paweł Tkocz website. The final effect is a website that not only effectively presents the company’s offer but also creates a positive impression on visitors, encouraging them to take advantage of the professional auto detailing and car cosmetics services offered by Strefa Glancu.


For Strefa Glancu Paweł Tkocz, we created a responsive One-Page site that perfectly presents auto detailing and car cosmetic services. The site stands out for its modern design, elegance, and aesthetics, and also uses harmonious colors and impressive photos. Thanks to its responsiveness, the site adapts to different devices, and the simple layout and extensive contact form make it easy for users to find the necessary information and contact the company.

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