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We had the unique opportunity to collaborate with the renowned company Univect, for whom we created a dedicated website. Our goal was clear: to deliver a landing page that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The choice of English for its implementation was not arbitrary. Given Univect’s global ambitions and reach, we wanted their image to be perfectly understandable to an international audience.

During the website design process, responsiveness was a key element for our team. In the age of mobility, we recognized that the site must be accessible and legible regardless of the device used. Thus, we paid great attention to detail to ensure that Univect’s site was equally impressive on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

To further facilitate communication between the company and its clients, we opted for the integration of a modern contact form. With it, potential clients and business partners can have quick and direct interaction with the Univect team.

We are incredibly proud of the final result of our work and are convinced that we delivered a solution that met Univect’s expectations. Collaborating with them was an inspiring journey for us and evidence that combining our passion with experience brings tangible benefits for our clients.


Thanks to this site, Univect can more effectively reach their clients, presenting their offer in an attractive and professional manner. The website not only reflects the company’s values but also serves as a tool for lead generation through its contact form.

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