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For a nail styling salon in Ruda Śląska, we had the pleasure to create a comprehensive website that fully reflects the aesthetics and character of the business. Our task included not only designing a responsive website but also designing a logo that perfectly fits the salon’s vision.

To tailor the site’s look to the beauty industry, we focused on creating a minimalist and elegant design. The website’s color scheme was carefully chosen, focusing mainly on light shades that create a harmonious background for the presented services. Breaking these delicate tones are vivid images, showcasing nail decorations and manicures. Their presence adds attractiveness to the site and allows potential customers to see the results of the salon’s work.

In addition to aesthetics, we paid particular attention to the site’s responsiveness. By designing the site in this way, we ensured that it would look and function perfectly on various devices, such as TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As a result, potential customers can easily browse the salon’s offer and schedule visits regardless of the device they are using.

The whole project, from responsive design to the tailored color scheme and vivid images, was carefully thought out to create an attractive and professional website for the nail styling salon. Thanks to our commitment, the site meets the expectations of the beauty industry and helps the salon attract new customers and develop its business.


We created a fully responsive website for a nail styling salon in Ruda Śląska, featuring an aesthetic design and a tailored color scheme. Our project incorporated light tones, vivid nail decoration images, and a minimalist form. The site looks and functions great on various devices, and it also helps the salon attract new customers and grow in the beauty industry.

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