HTML Headers

Why should headers be used in the page content?

HTML headers are designed to highlight text on a website. They can be compared to the title and subtitles in a newspaper. The following subheadings are supposed to attract the reader’s attention, informing about what’s in the content. Headers H1-H6 work in a similar way – they indicate keywords and the theme of a given section.

From a user’s point of view, headers perform an important function:

Text divided into paragraphs and subheadings is easier to read,
Headers make scanning long texts easier,

Articles divided into sections present better on the page than long blocks of content.

How to publish content on a website

When publishing content on a website, you should remember about its optimization📊
One of the elements is the proper structure of HTML headers, which help users find the searched phrases, and search engine robots indicate keywords and the theme of the content. How to properly set H1-H6 headers to gain an advantage in search results?

  • Headers allow for the saturation of the text with keywords,
  • Thanks to them, the search engine assesses the content as of higher quality,
  • Phrases contained in them help search engine robots recognize the topic of a given page or subpage.

We have 6 types of headers at our disposal, and each of them can, and even should be highlighted with text of a different meaning for the user and search engine📈

Header hierarchy

The most important keywords should be in the H1 header. Then in H2, H3 tags, etc. Next, successive headers should refer to H1 and appropriately “group” the content.

When creating subheadings, remember to make them as natural as possible. It’s not worth placing them for the sake of “stuffing” phrases. Each subtitle should be adequate or at least related to the theme of a given section. Users quickly get discouraged by sites with headers whose content does not correspond or is forcibly added. Be careful with such practices, unfortunately, this way you will not increase traffic on your site.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - HTML Headings

Why is it worth using headings in website content?

HTML headings serve as subheadings and paragraphs, making reading and content scanning easier. They help highlight important topics and keywords and create a structured content layout.

What functions do headings serve from a user perspective?

Headings facilitate reading by dividing content into paragraphs and sections. They allow for quick content identification, text scanning, and present articles in a clear manner.

What benefits does optimizing content through HTML headings bring?

An optimal heading structure helps search engine bots understand the content topic and keywords. This can lead to better assessment of content value, influencing search results.

What is the significance of the H1-H6 heading hierarchy?

The H1 heading should contain the main topic keywords, and subsequent H2, H3, etc. headings are used for grouping content and providing structure. Hierarchical use of headings makes it easier for both users and search engines to understand the website’s theme.

What are good practices when creating subheadings?

Subheadings should be natural and relevant to the content. It’s not advisable to force them just to include keywords. Carefully chosen subheadings attract readers, while inappropriate practices can discourage users.