Good Sales Offer

Good sales offer for e-commerce

A good offer is only when the customer can’t refuse you.

80% is marketing, and 20% is sales. A crucial element in e-commerce sales is choosing the right target group, i.e., people interested in your product/service.

So, what constitutes an offer?

Firstly, I would like to introduce the types of offers used in e-commerce:

  • Sharp offer – this is the price and product, simplest,
  • Soft offer – Buy now, pay later in installments,
  • Subscription offer – profit from subscriptions, free knowledge or free information,
  • Installments,
  • Limited presale,
  • Limited time offer,
  • One-time offer or a combination of several previously mentioned variants.

Three things that have the most significant impact on sales, i.e., on the effectiveness of our offer in e-commerce, will be showing the customer’s change/transformation after purchase or after using our product/service. Then the features of our product/service, what they will get in return for their money or their time. We need to convince our customer. We have to overcome his objections, and finally, show him the benefits.

Good offer versus competition

Before adding our offer, it is necessary to analyze the competition’s offers, their prices, the value they provide, the bonuses they provide, what their website looks like, what their guarantees are. We must be better in these e-commerce areas if we want to have more customers than our competition. What are the types of benefits that we can offer our customers? Functional advantages or features that affect the product’s operation. Dimensioning, i.e., how it affects the customer, describe or even draw a vivid picture of the benefits. Emotional – affect the customer’s emotions, we can even apply negative sales in some cases. If we have a niche product that is not for everyone, which is in limited quantity, we can write in the offer that it is not a product for everyone, that it needs to be used immediately, we can also write what they should not do or what they will not get. How to appropriately present the price or what should be the appropriate price.

We must first expose the values so that the customer knows – Why does a particular product or service cost so much. We can also compare prices to show what the current prices on the market are. We can give a bonus or ask relevant questions such as what risks our customers bear and reassure them that they bear no risk, because our offer is guaranteed.


Our guarantee must be very bold. We have to show that we are not afraid, we are already sure about the product, that the customer based on our guarantee will feel safe, that the product will meet all his expectations. We can even say that based on the guarantee, customers should feel that not buying the product is stupid.


Before the last sub-item, there will be a deadline – The longer the time of the offer, the less chance that customers will buy something because they will prolong it over time. We need to offer a time-limited offer, which will be in limited quantity, so that customers decide to buy as soon as possible. We can also add bonuses until the end of the day to encourage our customers to buy our products or services.

Call to Action

Finally, Call to Action, a link that takes the user to the destination, such as a website, a product card in an online store, or a login page for the application. We need to focus here on transformation, i.e., encourage our customer to buy our product based on his change. We need to create several modules – In other words, several ads that will bring us potential customers, and several modules were created just to check which of them has the highest effectiveness and optimize advertising resources accordingly. We also need to take into account the fact that the product may not bring profits in the first months of operation and have a contingency plan.

Author: Marketing Manager at useWeb


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Najczęstsze pytania i odpowiedzi - Sales Offer

What are the key elements of a successful sales offer in e-commerce?

A successful e-commerce sales offer consists of three main points: showcasing the customer’s transformation after purchase, highlighting the product/service features we offer in return, and persuading the customer by addressing their objections and showcasing benefits.

Why is competitor analysis important before creating an offer?

Competitor analysis helps understand what other competitors are offering in terms of prices, benefits, bonuses, and guarantees. To attract more customers, we need to excel in areas that matter most to customers compared to the competition.

What types of benefits are worth emphasizing in an offer?

Benefits can be functional (product features affecting performance), dimensional (describing or visually presenting benefits), and emotional (appealing to the customer’s emotions). For niche products, it’s also useful to specify who the product is not suitable for.

What elements contribute to the effectiveness of a sales offer?

The effectiveness of an offer depends on highlighting value, comparing prices, adding bonuses, and creating a sense of security through guarantees. Setting the right price that matches the offered value is also crucial.

Why is a guarantee an important element of an offer?

A guarantee should be strong and bold, showing that we have confidence in the quality of our product. It helps customers feel more secure and inclined to make a purchase. A guarantee persuades the customer that not buying the product would be unwise.