How important is Hosting

If you want to have your own website, you should meet a few requirements.

Create a site, or perhaps easier, commission its creation to someone who can do it. Remember that the graphic design comes into play, by choosing useWeb we will create a dedicated graphic design for your website, instead of the more common way of creating a website – that is, buying a ready-made template and installing it on the server, also remember about website optimization, it’s very good to have a nice website, but it’s more important for it to be visible.

You must have your own domain under which your site will be visible on the network, e.g. yourcompanyname.pl.

Finally, you need to buy hosting on which the site will be placed.

All websites operate continuously 24/7. If a website is placed on a private or company computer, when it is turned off for the night, the site will become invisible. That’s why it’s worth renting space on servers that work all the time and putting your website there. This allows us to visit it, browse it, and use it freely regardless of the time of day. Such a computer is a server, and the service of providing space and resources on it is called hosting.

What does using Hosting look like

The server owner provides us with a space where we can safely store all necessary data: websites, subpages, expanded services, online stores or large media portals, multimedia files, photos, or e-mail accounts.

You have to choose wisely, because at the moment when the hosting does not work properly, our site will be unavailable on the Internet, so it is worth choosing the best offer for us.

What should guide us?

✅ Data protection

✅ Privacy

✅ Freedom of configuration

By choosing useWeb hosting you save because:

you don’t bear the costs of buying equipment,

you don’t bear the costs of the energy needed to run the server,

you don’t pay for the Internet connection,

you don’t have to employ a server administrator,

technical support provided by professionals 24/7

SSL Certificate is included in the hosting price

There are no hidden costs 💵


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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - Hosting

Is it better to create a website on my own or hire someone to do it?

You can create a website on your own or hire a professional. UseWeb offers custom graphic design that stands out from ready-made templates. Optimizing the site is crucial to ensure it’s not only visually appealing but also visible.

What is a domain and why is it needed?

A domain is an internet address, e.g. yourcompanyname.com. It’s essential for your site to be accessible online, allowing users easy access to your content.

Why do I need hosting for my website?

Hosting is a place on a server where you store your website. Hosting servers work non-stop, making your site available 24/7 regardless of the time or day. Choosing good hosting is crucial for site availability.

What are important factors when choosing hosting?

When selecting hosting, factors like data protection, privacy, configuration flexibility, and quality of technical support are important. UseWeb hosting offers professional 24/7 support and includes an SSL certificate.

What benefits come with using professional hosting like useWeb?

Using professional hosting like useWeb saves you costs on hardware, energy, internet bandwidth, and hiring a server administrator. You also get 24/7 technical support and an included SSL certificate, eliminating hidden costs.