Creating Your Brand’s Visual Identity: Comprehensive Guide

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Every strong brand needs clear visual identification. It is an indispensable part of the brand strategy, which creates its image in the eyes of consumers.

What is brand visual identity

Brand visual identity is a set of graphic elements used to represent the brand in the world. These elements make up a unique “image” of the brand that is instantly recognizable to customers. Visit our article on graphic design to learn more.

Key elements of visual identity

Visual identity consists of many elements, such as:

  • Logo: This is the most important element of visual identity. A well-designed logo is easily recognizable and reflects the character of the brand.
  • Color palette: Colors are important for brand identification. They should reflect its spirit and values.
  • Typography: The choice of font is also significant. It can convey various aspects of the brand, such as its formality, youth, or creativity.
  • Graphic elements: These are additional images or icons that are used throughout the identification.
  • Style of photography and images: The visual style that the brand uses in its photos is also part of its visual identity.

Process of creating visual identity

The process of creating visual identity begins with defining the values and goals of the brand. Then, competition and target research is conducted to better understand what may attract potential customers. Finally, the elements of visual identity are designed, starting from the logo and ending with additional graphic elements.

Utilization of visual identity in practice

Visual identity should be used consistently in all media, both online and offline. All elements, from business cards to the website, should present a uniform image of the brand.


Creating a strong visual identity is the basis of building a brand. Remember that the key is consistency and consistency in all elements.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - Brand visual identity

What is brand visual identity?

It’s a set of graphic elements that create the brand’s image.


What are the key elements of visual identity?

Logo, color palette, typography, graphic elements, and photography style.


How to create visual identity for my brand?

Start by defining the values and goals of the brand, conduct research, and then design the elements.



How to maintain consistency in visual identity?

Apply the same elements throughout your branding, both online and offline.




Is visual identity important for every brand?

Yes, every brand should have a strong visual identity.