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What are the main objectives of online advertising?

Increase sales 📊

Improve brand awareness ✅

Increase market voice share 😮

Company advertising on the internet is effective when it helps achieve set goals

The Internet provides new opportunities for utilizing advertising, but its true advantage is tracking (measurement).

That’s why today it’s possible to track all interactions with an ad – you can monitor the number of views, the number of clicks, post-click and view data, and the number of new users. This leads to valuable data that can be used to make the right business decisions.

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Online advertising – the basis of e-business!

You already know what characterizes effective advertising – that is, one that will be profitable. You need to know its purpose and what you expect. When you realize how different the goals of an advertising campaign conducted on the Internet can be. Advertising on the Internet really has many purposes.

What are the characteristic objectives for internet advertising?

Direct response and sales driving,

Brand image building,

Demand creation,

Satisfying demand.

Digital marketing must increase traffic and sales in the long term. However, the immediacy of online advertising also has a big impact on driving traffic and sales in the short term. Unlike traditional media advertising, online ads can turn a potential customer into an actual customer. The effectiveness of an online advertising campaign can be accurately measured in many ways.

Making people aware of a brand or product is an important long-term goal of any business. When customers know what they are buying and from whom, they are more likely to trust the brand. Better-known brands can earn more, and the ultimate goal is to sell more of a product or service. Online advertising is typically visual, making it a great channel for promoting a brand’s image.

*It is worth remembering that creating customer demand is a process.

What stages does the process of creating customer demand consist of?




Customers can’t want what they don’t know about. Online ads must convince them of what they should want and explain why they should want it. Internet advertising is also a way to convey unique selling points, help increase demand and remind customers about the product. Then– when someone wants a product, they need to find out how the product will satisfy that desire. It’s important for the marketer to show the customer how their specific brand or product will best meet this need.

Forms of online advertising

As we mentioned at the beginning – there are many different online ads. It’s worth remembering that online advertising can immediately increase sales and conversions – if it is properly aligned with the company’s purpose. Unlike traditional advertising media, a consumer can go from an ad to a seller with a single click. Due to the interconnected nature of the Internet, online actions in the form of online advertising are highly trackable and measurable, enabling ad targeting and accurate tracking and measurement of ad effectiveness. Therefore, ideas for company advertising are primarily important – because on the internet every form of them can be tracked in terms of success.

How to choose internet advertising channels?

When planning a campaign, you need to know how the advertisement will be paid for and what ads the competition offers. Many of these issues can be resolved by using a company specialized in setting up ads, media planning, and buying. Collaborating with an agency seems to be the best way to increase the chances of achieving campaign goals – and it’s best when advertising for companies is shown in the right channels. The knowledge and experience of professionals dealing with advertising every day is invaluable here, it is worth planning the entire advertising strategy of the brand.


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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - Advertising

What are the main goals of online advertising?

The main goals of online advertising are to increase sales, enhance brand awareness, and gain market share. Online advertising is effective when it helps achieve these objectives.

What are the benefits of tracking online advertising?

Online advertising can be tracked, allowing you to monitor interactions with it. You can measure impressions, clicks, post-click and post-view data, as well as the number of new users. This provides valuable insights for making business decisions.

What are the typical objectives for internet advertising?

Typical objectives for internet advertising include driving sales, building brand image, creating demand, and satisfying demand. Online advertising can immediately influence turning potential customers into actual customers.

What stages make up the process of creating customer demand?

The process of creating customer demand consists of three stages: informing, persuading, and reminding. Online advertising aims to make customers aware of what they should desire, persuade them why they should want it, and remind them about the product or brand.

How do you choose the appropriate online advertising channels?

Selecting online advertising channels requires understanding payment methods for ads, available advertising options, and competitors’ actions. Collaborating with an online advertising agency specialized in this field can assist in planning and executing an effective advertising strategy.