Google Ads Advertising Campaign

Google Ads Advertising Campaign

Google Ads campaign

Advertising is a business lever, it allows you to reach many customers and this is an undeniable fact. However, in the twenty-first century, ordinary advertising is not enough, you also have to appear on the Internet, and for this purpose a Google Ads campaign is necessary. What is worth knowing about the Google Ads campaign and why is it worth using our company’s services?

A Google Ads advertising campaign tailored to your needs

After the stage of developing an action plan and analyzing keywords, it will be time to execute the order. Self-configuration of ads is time-consuming and, as a result, much more costly than deciding to help our agency. Take advantage of a free valuation!

Google Ads campaign optimization

Thanks to a properly conducted Google Ads advertising campaign, you can really make good use of your budget, but also interest the group of potential recipients. First of all, accidental clicks will be eliminated and your CTR will increase. The key to success in this case is matching the keywords, so this match should be as close as possible. Therefore, the ad will only be displayed to those customers who are looking for specific products or services. Make your business visible to new customers!

Why is it worth using our services?

We are an experienced team

We carefully analyze what the advertisement should look like, we also decide on their form. We set the duration of the campaign, places, budget and devices on which the ads will be displayed.

We have specialist knowledge

We analyze various industries, the current demand for products and services on the web. We will select the appropriate phrases in terms of cost and popularity. We control and optimize advertising campaigns on an ongoing basis. Based on the available information and collected statistics, we are looking for even more effective solutions.

We always consult the actions with the client

We guarantee the uniqueness of the advertising campaign that creates the appropriate image of the company on the Internet. We will handle the campaign, while advising what will be best for you, you view the proposals, accept or add your comments. Together, we will develop the right vision of the campaign.

Ad extensions for Google
ad campaigns

You gain additional promotion opportunities, but also gain more customers and their interest. You will also get additional space for content and links, and thanks to this, the advertisement will be more visible and much more effective.

Advertising campaign on partner websites

Create Google ads on the search network, YouTube and partner sites

Website optimization for an advertising campaign

If your company offers several services, of course, after clicking on the ad, the customer must be immediately transferred to the given subpage, which will translate into an increased number of conversions. Another aspect is website loading speed, but also calls to action. In order to maximize the results, our specialists properly prepare the landing pages that a potential client is to come across.

How much does a Google Ads advertising campaign cost?

The cost of the campaign depends on the requirements that are placed on it. The price may vary from one hundred and fifty to several thousand zlotys. Our company makes a free valuation based on the collected information. We carefully select the financial plan and activities depending on the client’s needs. Please contact us using the contact form below.

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