Dedicated applications

When is it worth having a dedicated application?

When you need to improve your work… If the tools you have are not sufficient to achieve your intended goals, tasks, and actions, it is worth using dedicated applications. This is software that will be created exclusively for you based on a previously conducted analysis of needs and company operations, which includes:

  • information flow data,
  • customer segments,
  • processing, as well as solutions proposed by us.

The construction of dedicated applications is a very complex process, it requires a lot of work and consultation.

Companies that opt for dedicated applications have many repetitive processes, and their elimination saves time. Considering the large number of factors influencing application creation, we need to understand the specifics of the company’s work and the stages that require improvement. During such analysis, we can also find solutions for other processes and optimize them.

Individual project stages

We scrupulously analyze the needs during the design of dedicated applications. If the application is to fulfill its role 100%, we cannot allow any element to be overlooked at this stage. The main assumption is to improve elements of work in which your company engages too much time relative to the results.

After this stage, we create a business model, divide parts into modules, and describe each one in detail. Thanks to this form of action, we can initially predict how the application is supposed to behave in standard and unusual situations. It’s worth realizing that not always all elements can be predicted at the model stage. However, we devote as much time as possible to thoroughly examining and thinking through all eventualities, so that the product you receive from us is clear, intuitive, and meets expectations.

The functional design of the system is created when we already have a ready business model – then we illustrate to you what the transition through the individual steps will look like. Thanks to this, we can eliminate errors, allowing for correction.

Implementation of a dedicated application

Transferring agreements into digital form. Depending on the arising needs, we select the appropriate technology, programming language, and resources needed to implement the project. This is a stage during which you have a moment of respite, and our team is busy. Then we submit individual parts of the web application for testing under a special address, which is secure and visible only to you.

An application fully adapted to the needs of a given organization helps it achieve tangible benefits. The most important advantages of dedicated solutions:

  • designed to fit the needs and pre-defined goals,
  • easy to expand, scale, and integrate with external IT systems,
  • support effective automation of business processes,
  • optimally use the capabilities of the company’s IT infrastructure.

In short – a dedicated application guarantees more efficient execution of processes, with less time and resources.


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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - Dedicated Applications

When is it worth opting for a custom application?

Custom applications are necessary when existing tools fail to meet the organization’s goals and tasks. They are created based on an analysis of needs, information flow data, customer segments, and proposed solutions.

What benefits do custom applications bring to businesses?

Businesses with repetitive processes can save significant time through custom applications. Optimizing these processes, based on needs analysis and the company’s specifics, leads to more efficient work.

What are the key stages of designing custom applications?

Designing custom applications involves needs analysis, creating a business model, functional system design, and implementation. Each stage focuses on improving work elements that consume a lot of time relative to results.

What is a business model in the context of custom applications?

The business model describes individual application modules and their functions. It allows predicting the application’s behavior in various situations, both standard and non-standard.

What are the advantages of custom solutions compared to standard tools?

Custom applications are tailored to needs and goals, easy to expand, scale, and integrate. They support business process automation and optimally utilize the company’s infrastructure, bringing efficiency and saving time and resources.